4 fun Easter themed party games for kids!

Easter is the perfect time to host a fun themed party for your kids and all their friends (and yours!) We have compiled our favourite old & new Easter themed party games to keep the kids entertained & occupied all day!

1: An Easter egg hunt:
Mix up a traditional game with some new twists and surprises to keep both the parents and kids on their toes. Try an egg hunt “upgrade” like a treasure hunt or golden egg hunt instead. You can also up the ante by throwing out the candy altogether and filling eggs with fun prizes, like toy vouchers, movie tickets or even some cold, hard cash.

2: Egg toss:
Each child should partner up to create teams of two, with each team given one raw egg. For the first round, the partners stand just three feet apart and toss the egg to each other. If the egg breaks, then the team is eliminated. After each round, the partners take a giant step back (becoming even further apart) and toss the egg again. The rounds continue until there is just one team left! Be warned – this can get messy!!

3: Pin the tail on the rabbit:
Print out a big picture of Peter Rabbit (or any old rabbit drawing) and hang it on the wall to play this Easter twist of the classic party game. Use cotton balls with double-sided cello tape for tails.

4: Sports Day:
Sports day games are lots of fun, especially with an Easter twist. Think Easter relay races using spoons and chocolate eggs or a good old fashioned sack race! Call it a bunny hop race and give each child a burlap sack (or whatever you have handy) to hop in. Reward your winners with chocolate medals – we cant promise they will last too long however