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4 Tips To Tasty Halloween Treats

One of the things you obviously want to pull off when hosting a Halloween party are the snacks. A cursory google will show you the most amazing configurations of snacks for spooky-themed parties. The problem is that so many of them look difficult to make, which is something you want to avoid when you’re busy planning for a party (as anybody knows, party planning is tough and you don’t want to unnecessarily stress yourself out by selecting complicated dishes), but you still want to offer your guests something cute and on brand for October.

So the Prop House team got together, pooled our collective resources, and came up with this helpful list of tips to remember when you’re prepping the food for your Halloween party.

Keep It Simple But Creative

This is a concept that holds true for all party foods, but definitely becomes incredibly relevant when you’re trying to prepare food in-line with a theme. The urge will be to try something complex that looks beautiful, but it’s important to remember that at the end of the day, all the food will eventually be eaten. So keep things simple but creative. For example, devilled eggs are a tried and tested successful party food — cut a few black olives and artistically place them on top of the finished eggs to create some creepy spiders.

Presentation Is Everything

You don’t need to do wild and fantastical things with the dishes themselves — just how you present them on the table can be a giant advantage in ensuring you maintain the spooky mood. Your best friends here are dip and various cheeses, since they can be easily shaped and laid out in a way that can give a little scare before they’re tucked into. Not to mention, the dishes and containers you use to present your food can be part of your decorating, and add a little something extra to the overall presentation. A great example is this dip, which has been presented in a hollowed out loaf of bread and given a little coffin makeover.

Keep Things Healthy

This is particularly important if you’re hosting a Halloween party for kids. October is candy season, without a doubt, but that doesn’t mean it has to dominate everything — we want to keep teeth healthy and hyperactivity down, after all. You can get super creative and interesting (without breaking the bank or your back) and still keep the sugar levels down. A delicious demonstration of this are Halloween mummy dogs, which are sausages wrapped in pastry and dotted with a little tomato sauce — fun to look at, and as fun to eat!

But If You Are Sugaring Things Up, Try Unprocessed

The urge to buy a whole bunch of bon-bons and call it a day when it comes to the sweet treats at your party can be very strong, but it’s best to try going for something a bit more homemade. A little bit of red and green food colouring can take you very far, and fruit of all kinds is your best friend here to add a little sweetness to everything.  Not to mention, you can quickly whip up a batch or two of Halloween-shaped biscuits to complete the ensemble.

Finally, Prep Prep Prep

So the thing about making themed party snacks is that you definitely should do a test run — just to make sure you can pull the entire thing off, no matter how simple. Familiarising yourself with what you’re doing will definitely lower stress levels when your big day arrives. Also, if you can pre-prepare anything before the actual day of your party, you should definitely do that — in this case, refrigeration is your best friend here!