Best Halloween Party Themes For Everyone

If you’re one of the folks who loves a good party, then October is definitely one of your favourite months. Why, you ask? Because it’s Halloween, of course! For the next few weeks, spookiness will be in the air and culminate in one of the year’s most fun, exciting nights. Expect kids in fabulous costumes hitting the streets, rivers of candy flowing through every town, and magic in everything we do.

Essentially, the perfect excuse to host a party. And if you love themed parties, then this is all definitely for you! Halloween festivities are all about the perfect theme, and the Prophouse team have rounded up a couple of our favourites, for the kids and grownups alike.

Murder Mystery

This one’s for the adults and is without a doubt of the most fun themes you can execute for a Halloween party.  Sure it takes a little work and creativity to come up with a murder plot and figure out who is going to take the wrap, but once you’ve put it all together, you and your guests can have a whodunit evening and get dressed up all in the bargain!

Alice In Wonderland

Disney would like us all to believe Alice in Wonderland is for the kids, but anyone who knows the story would definitely rate it 16. For grown folks, there’s plenty of quirky weirdness in this story (a caterpillar smoking, for example?) that you can have a magnificent, off-kilter party while still keeping with the Halloween tradition of dressing up. Of course, you as the host, should definitely be the Queen of Hearts too!

Rocky Horror Picture Show

Another one for grownups. Frankenfurter and his iconic intro is one of the most memorable movie scenes to ever be filmed. This is a fun theme for a party that can certainly give rise to lots of dancing (time warp, anybody?), several pairs of garters, and an opportunity for everyone to indulge their love for heels and leather.


Think: Edgar Allen Poe and all the spooky, unsettling oddness he brought into our world. If you’re a fan of the goth look, then Halloween is the perfect time to indulge that with all your grown friends and throw a party draped in black lipstick and thick eyeliner. Easy to put together, and pull off, you can create the perfect spooky mood for your Halloween party with this theme!

Monster Madness

We don’t want the kids feeling left out of the Halloween festivities, and if you’re planning on having a party for your little ones and their friends, without scaring them too much, then a Monster Madness theme is right up your alley — with bright colours, lots of slime, and a bunch of googly eyes.

Willy Wonka

Halloween is the time of candy, and if you’re having a party for kids this October, why not go all in with the candy theme? A Willy Wonka party is the perfect way to lean into candy, with room for fun, colourful decorations, delicious snacks, and a whole lot of treat-themed enjoyment.

Harry Potter

We can’t talk about Halloween parties for kids without mentioning Harry Potter, beloved by children (and adults) all around the world. With magic, ghosts, and fantastic beasts, a Potter-themed event is perfect to get the kids into the spooky, magical feeling that permeates the entire month.