Doing The Dinner Party

See, there are two different dinner situations. In the first, you and your friends get together for a couple of pizzas and some drinks, slouch on your couch, and watch funny but pointless videos on YouTube. In the second, you put on your best dress, pray the napkin shapes don’t […]

Host An Epic Housewarming

If you’ve ever moved house, you know on of the first things to cross your mind, once you’ve managed to get all your boxes and furniture into your brand new residence, is the idea of a housewarming. There are plenty of reasons that people host housewarming parties, from the practical […]

Games Your Way To The Best Party

There are plenty of elements that go into hosting a kids party. But one of the most challenging aspects is keeping a dozen (usually more) kids entertained for a couple of hours. There are sweets, of course, but those are only compelling for so long, and they’re going to simply […]

Slay This Summer’s Slumber Party

One of the best things about summer is how late the sun goes down. The long days and the beautiful weather are certainly conducive to the idea of throwing more parties, especially for the kids. One of the most popular hallmarks of childhood friendship is the iconic sleepover. Once upon […]