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Celebrate The Summer With A Sunny Party

When the sun is out, there is only one thing you can do: go and be in it. And one of the nicest ways to capitalise on the beautiful weather that is currently ours to enjoy, is with a summer party. Not only is it an opportunity to hang out with all your friends, it’s also a chance to haul out your favourite, colourful summer dress, and test that fruity cocktail you’ve been dying to try for ages. Planning a fun summer party shouldn’t be intimidating at all, especially when you have our helpful tips to guide you.

Check The Weather

Although it’s sunny out, it is a good idea to keep an eye on the weather, and to pick a day you’re sure is going to dawn brightly and beautifully.

Pick Your Location

For those of us with access to gardens, your location is pretty much a given and easy to get hold of. But if you don’t have one, there’s also public parks and green spaces where you can gather with your nearest and dearest for a little summer shindig.

Throw A Bunch Of Shade

One thing that’s critical to remember when throwing a party on a sunny afternoon that as delightful as the sunshine is, it’s important to take some breaks from it. Ensuring there are shady places for your guests to sit is an important factor in your party being a success. Nothing kills a mood like burnt shoulders. (Pro tip: provide some communal sunscreen for guests to use.)

Make Room For Everyone

The draw of a summer party is that you get to sit around, enjoying delicious drinks and happy conversation. That won’t happen, however, if you don’t have enough seats for everyone. But no reasonable person really has that many chairs, which is where Prophouse comes in — you can hire out chairs from us, and your options are pretty impressive. We offer a good range, at a better price, so you can throw your perfect party.

Cool, Light Snacks Are The Thing

Key to a summer party is keeping things light, and importantly, cool. When it comes to your snacks, finger food is definitely the way forward. Aim for nibbles that can withstand the heat well, too. Having somewhere to keep your drinks cold is also key — a bucket filled with ice and some water is the perfect place to store bottles and cans and keep them cold.

Pick An OST

Music is an easy way to set the mood, particularly when the mood you want to set is airy, fun, and relaxed. Pick your favourite songs, the ones that make you think of lazy summer afternoons and hot, happy days at the beach, and put them together into a playlist to really bring your summer party together.