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DIY: How to Create your Very Own Haunted House

Halloween is one of the scariest and spookiest times of the year. At Prop House, we have hundreds of tips and tricks to help you transform your event space or house into a haunted house.

Here is a list of the top 10 Halloween Props available at Prop House:

1. Haunted Forest Halloween Backdrop
A Haunted Forest Halloween Backdrop is one of the scariest backdrops Prop House has in stock. It is dark and eerie and would frighten anyone who enters a haunted event at Halloween. It is 20ft x 12ft is size, but can also be customised for your event or space.

2. Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Backdrop
A Spooky Halloween Pumpkin Backdrop is another scary and spooky backdrop that Prop House has in store. The backdrop is very mysterious and will keep your event very spooky. It is 20ft x 12ft is size, but can also be customised for your event or space.

3. Black Witches Cauldron Prop
The Black Witches Cauldron is perfect to store drinks in or sweets in for your guests. Why not make a Halloween Punch or fruit cocktail drink for all your guests to enjoy at the spooky Halloween Event.

4. Halloween Skull Prop
The Halloween Skull is a must for a Halloween Event. It can be disguised amongst other scary props or else left on its own at the doorstep or put into a bathroom to scare guests.

5. Mossy Tombstones
The Mossy Bat Tombstone and the Mossy Celtic Cross Tombstone are approximately 3ft in height. They work really well either as stand alone props or together amongst fake cobwebs and other scary Halloween props.
6. Flying Bat Prop
The oversized Flying Bat Prop has a wingspan of roughly 60-90cm. The bat prop is a great prop to hang from a ceiling or door to spook the guests out.

7. Halloween Witch Statue
The lifesize Halloween Witch Statue is a great idea to scare guests with. It appears so real at first and so life like that guests will have to take a second look at this Halloween prop.

8. Black Coffin with Skeleton
The 6ft Black Cardboard Coffin with a Skeleton inside is one of the creepiest props Prop House has. No haunted house is complete without this terrifying skeleton and coffin.

9. Halloween Orange and Black Bunting
Orange and Black Halloween Bunting is great to decorate the reception area of the haunted house with. Guests will be left wondering what is in store for them as they look up at the spooky halloween coloured bunting.

10. Medieval Stocks Prop
Go back in time with your haunted house and throw in a medieval stock prop. This is a great prop for guests to get photos in and to share this Halloween.

Hope you aren’t to creeped out by our scary tips for your Halloween Haunted House!

We hope you enjoyed reading our tips on how to create a haunted house. If you have any more queries about other Halloween items that we stock Prop House is here, so just give us a call on 01 281 2905 or email us at props@prophouse.ie.