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Five Party Props To Help You Ring In The New Year

New Year’s Eve is, without a doubt, one of the most celebratory nights of the year, and certainly one of the best reasons to have a party. And throughout our history, some truly legendary shindigs have happened as we all move from one year to the next.

If we’re being honest though, sometimes, the best parties are the ones that happen with you, friends, and family, in your living room, dancing to cheesy music. And if you’re somewhere in between the two, then this is definitely the post for you. Because sometimes you do want to have a bit of good time, and one of the best ways to enhance those good times is with props, or fun party engagements which really take things to a whole new level.

We’ve picked a couple of our favourite party props out of the hat, and given you a couple of ways you can delight your guests this New Year!

Get A Prop Box

So, before you can really show off your prop game, you need a foundational kit. A prop box is the perfect way to get started. They are themed, and will leave you with a bunch of props all at once, which takes out a lot of the effort of locating, say, a glitter pink top hat. It’s also a great option if you want to introduce some fun props to your party, but don’t really want to go too overboard.

Polaroids Make A Night

Polaroids have stood the test of time, retaining their status as a signifier of an awesome party. And these days, it’s much easier to get your hands on a bunch of polaroids. There are a range of different cameras available, from affordable ones that work really well, to the swanky ones used by the influencers of the world. Either way, a party showered in polaroids is definitely a must-have — and everything becomes much more memorable too!

Set Up A Photo Booth

Now, if you feel like really upping your photograph game, one of the best ways to that at a party is with a photobooth. They can range from something very simple but charming, to the kind of photobooth you didn’t know existed in the modern era. Either way you choose to do, provide a handful of accessories and fun items, and let your guests have at it!


If you’ve gone and planned a themed party, one of the best ways to get your guests into the mood of the entire evening if they have accessories that make the theme feel closer and more realistic. It can be anything from headgear, to badges, to even stickers, or wristbands to wear. Either way, it’s a nice way to get everyone feeling like they’re part of the same thing, and a bit united. It also makes for great pictures, to be laughed over the next time everyone gets together.

Goodie Bags

If you really feel like being fancy, then you could put together goodie bags for all your guests to grab when they head home. It’s a throwback all the way to childhood, only this time, instead of sweets and chocolate in your little big, there are useful and pretty little knick-knacks, or charming gifts, and cherished keepsakes. You could even do joke bags, and let everyone have a laugh on the way out into the new year