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Five Tips For This Year’s Guy Fawkes

Remember, remember, the fifth of November…

The story of Guy Fawkes is a famous one, certainly famous enough to merit a host of parties being thrown across the country to celebrate the famous rebel, who planned to destroy the Houses of Parliament in the name of the people of the land. It’s half heroic, half scandalous, but you cannot fault the drive to represent on behalf of your fellow man.

And that’s what we celebrate every November.

Traditionally, Guy Fawkes is celebrated with fires and fireworks. So before we go any further, it’s important for us to emphasise that safety is paramount when planning this kind of party. If there are going to be children around, they must be watched at all times. Lots of folks like to celebrate Guy Fawkes by lighting sparklers, so it’s important to keep a close eye on all festivities.

Now that we’ve covered our bases there, it’s time to get into the things you should be thinking about, when you’re planning your Guy Fawkes party!

Location Location Location

Unless you’re lucky enough to have a big back garden on your property, then you’re going to want to find a large, fairly open space that is far enough away from suburban areas that any large sounds or smoke from your fire won’t disturb anyone who is just trying to get on with their night. Guy Fawkes parties also tend to include large groups of people, so you definitely want to make sure that everybody fits.

Build Your Fire Right

A lot of folks think that making a fire is just about gathering some wood and setting it alight. However, there’s a bit more to think about than that.

First off, make sure you have the right wood — something for kindling and to get the fire started, and then wood that will burn nicely and slowly and ensure everyone is kept warm all night (it is November, after all!). Then, in order to be as safe as possible throughout your party, you should use a fire basket to keep everything confined and protect the environment, not to mention making it easy to clean up!

Keep The Snacks Light & Easy

This is not a dinner party — more than anything, it’s a viewing party so you want to keep snacks delicious, easy, and warming. First and foremost, it’s a good idea to use plastic/paper cups and bowls and plates, to avoid breakages. You also want to have warm drinks — tea and hot chocolate, as well as some mulled wine are great options. Flasks and warming plates are a good way to keep things warm.

For snacks, try something festive and spicy — popcorn, biscuits, and marshmallows to be toasted over the fire are a great option, all of them easy to acquire and serve.

Mind The Weather

The excitement of fireworks and a party with your friends and family aside, it is still winter and you should definitely keep an eye on the weather. Make sure that everyone who attends the party wraps up warm, and provide blankets for those who may need them. It’s also a good idea to get some kind of umbrella or shelter than can be used if it rains.

Set The Mood

It’s important to remember, since you’re having a party at night, and probably somewhere a bit far away from homes and town, lighting is key. It’s also a good way to provide a little decor and mood to the entire party, perhaps with fairy lights or standing torches. Either way, make sure everyone can see (especially for safety), and then make sure it looks pretty!