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Host An Epic Housewarming

If you’ve ever moved house, you know on of the first things to cross your mind, once you’ve managed to get all your boxes and furniture into your brand new residence, is the idea of a housewarming. There are plenty of reasons that people host housewarming parties, from the practical (“I don’t have a grater or a bottle opener so I hope someone gifts me one.”) to the quirky and alternative (“Making noise in a new space chases out any bad vibes that might exist there.”). Whatever the reasons, at the end of the day, you just want to be happy, surrounded by people you love, in your new home.

Though it has all this symbolism and sentiment, planning a housewarming is a lot similar to planning other kinds of parties. They follow the same sort of structure, and have the same kind of potential to go from a fun event to a nightmare, if you haven’t planned properly.

Be Selective With Your Guests

The one difference between a housewarming and a regular old party is the intimacy it evokes. You’re essentially inviting people into your new space, with the precise purpose of showing it to them and making them feel welcome. Don’t overburden yourself (particularly after a move!) with an extensive guest-list, and where you might usually be perfectly fine with a friend bringing one of their friend’s and their partner for any other party, this one is something different. You don’t want to be doing crowd-control on the night, so make sure you consider it when you’re putting together your guest list. (Do invite your new neighbours, though.)

Lean Into The Theme

Moving is one of the most chaotic, complex things a human being can do, and it inevitably leaves one’s life in chaos. This is especially true if you’re moving out and into your very first place. Chances are strong you won’t have enough wine glasses, platters, and seating. Instead of panicking about it, embrace the whole concept. Use plastic cups you buy in bulk at the store. Scatter cushions, overturned boxes (that can take the weight of a seated person, naturally) are perfect DIY seats. Paper plates are a surefire solution to any shortages. Accept that there are only two wine glasses, and keep it moving.

Easy Snacks

One of the easiest ways to create stress for yourself at a party is with food. And housewarmings are no exception to that rule. The best, the only, route to go in this case is finger food. Snacks that are easy to prepare, can be placed on a table so that guests can help themselves, and aren’t generally a mess are must-haves for any housewarming. If you want to, you can get a bit experimental with the menu, but remember, the point of this party is that you have fun as well, instead of running around all night. If you feel like doing none of that, you can always order a ton of pizza, too!

Meet & Greet

Don’t forget to give your friends directions to your new spot, just in case their GPS fails them and they need to revert back to the old-school way of getting around. Another good idea is to designate your new home in some way, much like they do with the balloon on the gate at children’s parties — you can use just about anything so feel free to get creative!

The Little Things

A housewarming is a pretty informal affair, so there’s no need to break your back trying to be original and creative. But, having a few extra touches here and there is definitely going to make your moment memorable. Like popping a bottle of champagne in honour of the house. Or ensuring your music selection — the house playlist, if you will — is something that will not only steer and maintain the mood, but keep everyone feeling happy and relaxed. Buying a guest book so that your guests can leave messages for you and your new home. And finally, graciously accepting any and all housewarming gifts!