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Games Your Way To The Best Party

There are plenty of elements that go into hosting a kids party. But one of the most challenging aspects is keeping a dozen (usually more) kids entertained for a couple of hours. There are sweets, of course, but those are only compelling for so long, and they’re going to simply make the chaos that much more great due to a sugar high. A lot of families will usually hire entertainment, but sometimes that’s just on the cards.

Which is where games come into the equation. There are still plenty of ways to keep kids occupied, though. Most of us whiled away our childhood afternoons playing games, so we come pre-stocked with tons of fun games for kids to try. But times have also moved on and games have evolved, which means that maybe a little revision wouldn’t hurt. If you’re pressed for time, however, the team at Prop House have your back! We’ve gathered a list of games, old and new, that would be great for any kids party.

Pass The Parcel

If you’re throwing a party for  younger kids, the Pass The Parcel is the perfect way to keep them entertained for a while. It’s fun, and keeps the kids interest as they continue to unwrap the package and reveal treats and little gifts.  Just make sure you’re keeping an eye on who’s had a turn, and maybe wrap up a couple of parcels to make sure that everyone has a turn, and a good time.

Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for something interactive, which will challenge the kids to think and participate, then a scavenger hunt is definitely the way forward. It’s also a good way of keeping older kids entertained. Just ensure that everything on your list is available, and in enough quantities so that everyone gets to feel like they participated. It’s also pretty easy to organise, given that everything the kids have to find you can find in nature, cutting down on your expenses.

Musical Statues

Games are one of the best ways to burn off the sugar and energy, and one of the best games for that is musical statues. The perks? You don’t need much more than space and your favourite songs. It’s also hugely entertaining and is sure to generate a lot of laughter. Musical chairs is a good twist on this game too, particularly if you have lots of chairs, lots of space, and lots of energy. Just don’t forget that you should choose music that is appropriate for kids!

Running Games

If you’re lucky enough to have lots and lots of space, then kids are definitely going to want to run around. There are so many organised running games that can be played, the global and perennial favourite being tag. But there are also a host of others, including stuck in the mud, as well as red rover. Again, this is one of those options that don’t require much from you, except maybe a weather eye over the proceedings to ensure that nobody gets hurt or left out.

Board Games

This one is your backup plan. The one you always have if something disastrous like rain happens, but it’s always a good trick to pull out if the kids are flagging but still want something to do. There are dozens of games to play, including charades (which will definitely make for some inside flailing and screaming) and maybe the odd bit of hide and seek, if you’re feeling up to letting a horde of kids run rampant over your house.  Regardless, with this one in your back pocket, you won’t be stuck if something goes wrong.