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Planning a Gender Reveal Party at Home

One of the most special moments of a pregnancy is finding out whether you’re having a boy or a girl. Many brand new parents decide to host a party to reveal the gender of their baby to close family and friends, and it can be a great way to involve your loved ones in your pregnancy.

If you’re expecting, then take a look at our tips below for planning a memorable and successful gender reveal party!

Pick A Theme

Plenty of parents decide to go with a theme when planning their gender reveals. This is a nice, easy way to add some fun elements to your party, and will certainly help when it comes to planning what decorations you’re going to use, and when planning out what eats and treats you’re going to serve.

A lot of couples will choose a blue and pink theme, just to keep the guests guessing and keep things interesting. Choosing a bee theme, with a focus on “what will it be(eeee)?” is another great theme. What’s important is that you pick a theme that fits you and your partner’s personality, and which will be easy to integrate into the rest of the party.

Decorate, Decorate! 

Once you’ve picked your theme (and even if you don’t decide to go with one), decorations are a surefire way to lend something special and fun to your party. There’s the usual balloons, streamers, and banners. You can also tailor the cups, plates and serviettes to fit your theme, or the colour scheme of your party.

But you can also involve your guests. Some parents will have clips and badges, in either pink and blue, or according to theme, that guests are asked to wear. You can also implement a dress code, or add a interesting little trinket or two to what they’re already wearing. With these kinds of parties, it’s easy to take your decorations just a step or two further than usual.

Game Ideas

One of the best things about a gender reveal party is that you can involve your guests in a number of guessing games which will definitely make your event that much more memorable. Ask your guests to dress according to their guess, or have a station where they must guess the baby’s gender when they arrive.

There are also plenty of old wive’s tales that supposedly make it easier to predict the gender of a baby, which are fun to play before you make your big announcement. These kinds of games will keep your party on track and on theme.

The Big Reveal

There are so many different ways to announce your baby’s gender, the options are almost endless. Many couples decide to use a cake or confectionary for their reveal, either using pink or blue frosting. Some couples will even have gender-neutral frosting, with blue or pink filling so that guests will only know the gender when they bite into the treat.

If you’re feeling really adventurous, don’t even reveal your baby’s gender to yourself — hand the results over to the baker and be as surprised as your guests when you find out the gender!

As a final tip, don’t forget to thank your guests when everything is over. And document everything! Gender reveal parties are special events, a time for family and friends, and you should record every single magical memory you make.


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