Handcrafted with love
by Prop House

Christmas Backdrops


Selection of Christmas Backdrops which can be used for a variety of display purposes

CBD002  Winter Wonderland Forest Scene  4m x 5mCBD002  Winter Wonderland Forest Scene  4m x 5m
CBD003 Toy Shop Interior  3m x 6mCBD004 Toy Shop Exterior  3m x 6m
CBD005 Toy Store Exterior  3m x 6mCBD006 Christmas Tree Toys  3m x 6m
CBD007 Christmas Santa with Snowmen  4m x 6mCBD008 Christmas Santa with Snowmen  4m x 6m
CBD009 Winter Wonderland Forest (1)  3m x 3mCBD010 Winter Wonderland Forest (2)  3m x 3m
CBD011 Winter Snow Cabin  4m x 5mCBD012 Merry Christmas Johnston Ct  4m x 3.6m
CBD013 Winter Ginger Bread House  5m x 7.5mCBD014 Winter Wonderland with Car  4.5m x 7.5m
CBD015 Winter Wonderland with Santa Sleigh  4.5m x 7.5mCBD016 Snow Covered Forest original (1)  3m x 6m
CBD017 Snow Covered Forest original (2)  3m x 6mCBD018 Log cabin wall  3m x 3m
CBD019 Log Cabin Centre Fireplace   3m x 6mCBD020 Log Cabin wall  3m x 3m
CBD021 Santa Grotto Left wall (Velcro)   3m x 6mCBD022 Santa Grotto Front (Velcro)   3m x 6m
CBD023 Santa Grotto Right wall (Velcro)   3m x 6mCBD024 Christmas Hse w/ Reindeer & elves  5m x 6.3m
CBD025 Christmas winter Forest scene   1.6m x 3mCBD026 Stable scene 3m x 3m