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Slay This Summer’s Slumber Party

One of the best things about summer is how late the sun goes down. The long days and the beautiful weather are certainly conducive to the idea of throwing more parties, especially for the kids. One of the most popular hallmarks of childhood friendship is the iconic sleepover. Once upon a time, that used to mean hanging out in your friend’s room all night watching movies and eating too many sweets. These days, though, sleepovers mean something entirely different and can usually mean much more planning than just ensuring everyone has a place to sleep.

With that in mind, to host a proper sleepover for your child and all their friends, you’re going to need a battle plan. Luckily, the team here has gotten together and pooled our extensive knowledge. We’ve put together a list of things you should focus on when you’re planning this party, and will help you pull everything together smoothly.

Get All The Right Permissions

The first thing you have to sort out when you’re planning for your kid’s sleepover is to put together a list of all their friends who will be attending, and then get hold of all their parents. Introduce yourself, give them a rundown of the plans for the evening, and make sure they have your contact details. Also ask them if their kids have any allergies or dietary requirements you need to be aware of.

Set Up A Perimeter

Essentially, you need to decide where everyone is going to sleep. Because it’s summer, sleeping outside is definitely an option, if you have it. Setting everyone up in tents is a great way to make the entire experience feel more authentic. If you don’t have a handy back garden, that’s not a problem either, but you might want to devote a section of your home to the sleepover. Clear away anything you don’t want the kids to get hold of, and push furniture away so they have lots of room to play and move around.

Make Sure You Have Enough Bedding

It’s tradition to bring your own pillow to a sleepover. But for the rest? That’s the host’s problem. Your problem, in fact. Ensuring everyone is able to sleep comfortably is pretty important to everyone having a good time. Part of that is ensuring that there are enough mattresses and blankets for all the guests, and a few extras for those that need it. If you’ve opted into putting up some tents in your yard for the youths, then just make sure everyone brings their sleeping bag!

Easy Foods Make For Good Foods

Everyone knows that the trick to feeding a party is to make easy food. This goes double if you’re throwing a slumber party. If you’re going to have provide dinner for a bunch of active kids, you definitely want to minimise the amount of work (and cleaning up!) you’re going to have to do.  Easy finger foods, ones that you can make in large amounts, are definitely a winning combination here. Not mention, ensure you have snacks and treats on hand to really make it a party.

Love The Game

Kids are perfectly capable of entertaining themselves for hours on end. But sometimes, inspiration can wane, which is why it’s a good idea to have some tricks up your sleeve. There are plenty of classic outdoor  and indoor favourites — tag, red rover, blind man’s buff, and charades — and having a couple of board games stashed in the cupboard for emergencies couldn’t hurt either.

And When In Doubt, Playlist

Despite slumber parties being full of activities and fun these days, watching your favourite movies with your friends is still a staple of the night. Put together a list of child-friendly films — a mix of favourites, and new movies that have been released — that the kids can choose from when they’re all activitied out. It’s a nice way to wind down the evening. Plus, one of the most cherished childhood memories is the one where you’re huddled with your friends, watching your favourite film in the dark. With popcorn, obviously.